A1 Painter & Polished Plaster

What do you want to think and feel when you look at your newly painted house or business? Call me now on 0425 701 935, and we will go over your ideas together. We specialize in painting and restoring Queenslanders & Weatherboards; Eco- Friendly Painting, and Polished Plaster Finishes.

Whether you just want to refresh or update your home, or attract new clientele to your business, A1 Painter brings you the effect you wish for. You can make your walls look anyway you want. Walls can be made to look like stone, steel, or antique. You can create effects such as splash back, speckled, sponged, suede, mud paint, waxed or lime washed.

A1 Painter takes care of everything, from start to finish!

We are aware that your environment is important to you. A1 Painter & Polished Plaster ensures not only a beautiful result, but an eco-friendly, clean and healthy environment once we're through! Traditional painting materials and methods can have a harmful effect on the environment which is why A1 painter uses eco-friendly paint.

Polished Plaster is a seamless coating for interior and exterior surfaces. It is highly recommended for all interior walls and ceilings. We use the highest quality pigments to ensure continued colour brilliance.


Postcode: 4034

Town: Brisbane, Qld, Australia

Phone:- 0425 701 935


 “We couldn’t be happier with Marcello’s work. He took on the challenging job of restoring a neglected Queenslander on a difficult sloping block for us. His attention to detail and just as important ‘can do’ attitude enabled the project to run smoothly in spite of some unfavourable weather conditions. The result was a stunning transformation returning the home to its original beauty. I would have no hesitation recommending his work.”

Matthew Clark, AFL Coach Adelaide Crows

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