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We understand how expensive advertising can be and this is why we have developed this area.

Aussie Painters Network is giving every painter in Australia the opportunity to list their business and get quotes for FREE in ONE postcode of choice.

Painters can list in more than one postcode by becoming a Member of Aussie Painters Network.

A Standard Member will get 5 Postcodes of choice.

A Gold Member will get 10 postcodes of choice.

To become a Member CLICK HERE.

How The System Works

1. Painters list in the system by clicking the link below

2. The home owner/client will list their details including what work is required.

3. Upon the client confirming the details, all painters listed in that Postcode area will be sent an email informing them that there is a quote wanted.

4. Only 5 painters will be able to see the client details and do the quote. Once 5 have confirmed with the client the requested quote will be closed.

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