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A Value Exchange is the creation of a link between sites of a similar nature to the benefit of both parties. 

Here Is What You Need To Do

If you have a website, blog, facebook, Squidoo Lens, MySpace, YouTube Channel, or anything else, which you feel contains useful information our visitors would appreciate, then please get in touch to value exchange with us, because we hope what we have to offer, gives value to your visitors as well.

Please place a link (found below) on your website first, no more than 2 clicks from the home page and then:

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Just fill in the form with your URL details and where the link is located...

We are not interested in linking to sites that don't match our criteria about great content and really letting your customer know who they are doing business with. We trust you will feel the same because it is good business practices.

If your site offers the following feel free to contact us:

    * Excellent content

    * A love for the subject you are writing about

    * No pages under construction

    * An about us page with your story so people know who you are

    * Be related to Painting, Home Renovation or Building and Construction

    * Absolutely no link farms or FFA pages or adult sites

What's In It For You

Quality, relevant links enhances a visitor's experience when visiting your site, increases your visitor numbers, and helps improve your PageRank score If you are at all unsure feel free to

Contact Us For Further Discussion

Now Back To The Link Exchange Text

To create a link to our site, select and copy the contents of the text box below and paste it into your web page, blog, Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo! Answers, or wherever you want to link from. This links to our Homepage, but feel free to link to anywhere on our site.

The link will look like this:

Home Painters Info  the most informative site to help you with all your painting needs. 

Any problems just give us a shout.   

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