ABC Monarch Paint Brushes

Monarch Paint Brushes are made by the Australian Brushware Company (ABC) which is one of the leaders in the world market as a manufacturer and distributor of paint brushes as well as accessories throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America.

ABC's brush products have helped to revolutionize the move from natural pig bristle, to a combination of more environmentally sustainable blends, through to fully synthetic, high performance brushes.

They are renowned for their quality, hand crafted brushes as well as their development of paint accessories.

In-house manufacturing and distribution ensures that ABC's customers received the best possible quality and prices, every day.

Here at Home Painters Info we recommend that only quality paint brushes are used to get a professional finish.

Monarch Advance Paint Brushes

Monarch Advance Oval Wall

Monarch Advance Oval Cutters

Monarch Rat Tail Straight Sash Cutter

Monarch Rat Tail Angle Sash Cutter

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