Paint Colour Ideas

Paint colour ideas for each room can be a challenge, there are so many to choose from and getting it right is so important.  The paint colour will set the tone of the room and will change how you feel about it, the minute you apply the paint.

Colour affects human beings in a huge way; they have a large emotional impact on how we feel. Studies have shown that some colours do affect our bodies without us even knowing. Red's raise our heart rate, breathing rate and blood pressure, whilst light colours calm us. If you were to choose pale yellows then this would calm you and creates a soothing effect in the room. As a contrast if you choose bright yellow, it can bring emotions of turmoil and anxiety. Bright colours can over stimulate people and contribute to angry feelings, so using these wisely is the key. There is such a vast amount of different colors available, be patient and gather as many different paint colour ideas or samples as you can.

Sometimes it is easier to buy the accessories, such as furniture and rugs, and then choose the colour. There is no point in selecting a colour you really like to find out it doesn't go with your already bought furniture.  Colours are often classed as warm or cool, Red's, oranges and pinks are considered warm colors to have. Greens, blues and violets are considered cool colours; taking paint colour ideas into consideration, can help you to choose the right colour for the room.


White paint often indicates cleanliness, and reflects light really well. It can add coolness to hot colour schemes, but too much white will cause squinting.  When buying white paint, you need to realize that there are hundreds of shades of white. There are now so many "off" whites available, and some have tints of other colours in them like apple white or rose white.  Comparing it to the other paint colour ideas you have had will help you decide which is better for your home. Try to look at the color in the daylight; this will give you a better idea of what the colour really looks like.

When you buy the paint  it is an idea, to make a note of where you bought it and which batch number it was. Often when you run out of paint the store will no longer stock that batch, and even the slightest difference in shade can ruin your room. If you are not sure, how much paint to buy then give the store your room measurements they will be able to work out how much you will need. When you think you have the right paint color ideas, buy a tester size pot. Apply that to the wall in a 12" x 48" square and then stand back and look at it, during daylight, nighttime, and with the lights on and off. This will give you an idea of how the whole room will look, make sure the color matches everything in the room. The colour you choose can cause so many different effects, so ensure you put considerable thought into your scheme.

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